Spending by Chinese tourists in the United States has nearly quadrupled between 2010 and 2017, driven by rising incomes among middle class and wealthy Chinese citizens. In 2014, Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping agreed to offer new ten-year tourist visas to citizens of both countries in order to bolster two-way tourism. Chinese tourism spending in the United States has continued to rise through 2017, though the pace of annual growth has slowed significantly. Most of these tourists cluster on the West Coast and in New York, but US National Parks have also seen a major boom in Chinese visitors on the heels of major promotional campaigns.

Consumption by Chinese Tourists in the US
Main Purpose of the Trip
Takeaway Numbers
Heat Map of Top Tourist Destinations (by census region)

Sources: Department of Commerce, National Travel and Tourism Office.

Notes: 2017 data on spending and arrivals is a projection based on National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) data through September of 2017. Due to technical issues, as of April 2018 the NTTO has temporarily suspended release of new data, including data for the remainder of 2017. Data on median income, length of stay, destination, and purpose of trip are drawn from 2016 surveys by the NTTO.