Learn More About The Map

This map shows the 19 key HSR hubs across the entire network. Clicking on select hubs will display a distance equal to three hours of HSR travel, below which consumers are much more likely to choose bullet trains over airplanes. The pop-up box for each of the hubs shows key data points that are relevant to the cost/benefit analysis.

The benefits of HSR are concentrated in urban hubs, where population tends to be the most dense, which is why we selected these 19 key hubs designated by the Chinese government. The four indicators for each hub are correlated with how much these cities benefit from HSR, which have to do with traffic volume and the associated economic development generated.

To make these indicators comparable across cities, we defined a three-hour travel distance by HSR, or equal to roughly 600 miles. At that distance or below, traveling by HSR is more convenient and saves time compared to air travel.

For the full methodology, please see here.