The Selectorate

Welcome to “Fantasy Football for China Nerds.” It’s your chance to build the dream team that will run China for the next five years.

The race to the top of Chinese politics may be shrouded in mystery, but we’ve curated a bench of 42 candidates to help you out.

You can compete with other players or just show your results of the starting lineup—the Politburo Standing Committee.

Once the game closes on October 15, our own forecast will be revealed shortly thereafter. The winner(s) with the most accurate lineup will be announced (there may be prizes).

The clock is ticking…ready, get set, and play!

CCP fantasy football
Macropolo Forecast Reveal
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The Bench

(select 5, 7, or 9 from the pool of 42 candidates)

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Here's your starting lineup, feel free to take a screenshot and share it on social. Stay tuned for our forecast soon!

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Leading Candidates Based on User Selections