Job Opportunities

We currently have open Summer Internship opportunities for highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students. Our internships are paid and typically involve much more than general research, although there will be some of that.  

You will be required to work with MacroPolo experts, the creative team, and leadership on major projects for which you will contribute significantly. It’s an opportunity to not only conduct relevant research but to also gain insight on how to create and execute on products.  

You will be involved in team functions and activities and also have the potential opportunity to publish work jointly, as evaluated on a case-by-case basis.   

We encourage a diverse set of applicants from different fields—from researchers and analysts to coders and designers and data scientists. Traditional think tank experience is not required.  

General qualifications: 

  • Currently enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited undergraduate or graduate program; 
  • Ability to write and communicate clearly;  
  • Ability to think creatively and analytically to research questions;  
  • Highly proficient in traditional and modern research methods and tools; 
  • Motivated by new challenges and different approaches to problems; 
  • Demonstrated intellectual interest in global affairs, political economy, China, and technology and energy;  
  • Technical skills such as Python, back-end and front-end web development, Adobe creative suite, marketing analytics, data visualization, multimedia production, are preferred; 
  • Foreign language proficiency, particularly Mandarin Chinese, is preferred but not required.  

The Summer Internship usually spans from June to end of August, though specific dates can be determined. Preference for interns to be based in Chicago to work directly with our team but open to other arrangements as current conditions continue to evolve.  

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their CV, writing samples, and other relevant materials to our Managing Director Annie Cantara ( by May 7th, 2021.