Job Opportunities

We are currently hiring for two positions:

Research Associate – Politics

This Research Associate will primarily focus on developing research and data-driven work on Chinese politics, policymaking, and political economy. With a solid understanding of the Chinese political system, you will develop and work with large data sets and other quantitative tools to generate research/analysis in this domain. In addition to working collaboratively with the analytical and creative groups, you will be expected to independently determine and execute your own research agenda, as well as publish under your own byline.

More details on the position and how to apply here. 

Multimedia/Social Media Associate

This Associate will be primarily responsible for driving multimedia efforts and helping shape strategy for our think tank’s content distribution. You will build on MacroPolo’s existing work as well as explore new topic areas and effective content delivery options. You will be expected to collaborate with the creative and analytical teams to conceptualize and execute projects, and to work equally well independently.

More details on the position and how to apply here.