Job Opportunities

The Paulson Institute’s MacroPolo think tank has an immediate opening for a Senior Research Associate or Research Associate on Politics.

In this role, you will develop research and data-driven work on politics, policymaking, and political economy, with a particular focus on China. You should already have a solid understanding of the Chinese political system and have had some experience generating research/analysis in this domain. 

The ideal candidate should be highly motivated, have strong analytical thinking and writing, quantitative and qualitative research skills, and have a nose for insights and differentiated research for MacroPolo’s audience that spans business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs, and policymakers and practitioners. You will also have a desire to develop and work with large data sets and quantitative tools. Experience working in China or in a relevant field is also beneficial.

MacroPolo is committed to cultivating the next generation of talent. Our competitive and paid internship positions offer a unique experience for currently matriculated students and recent graduates to work full-time at our Chicago headquarters. 

We invite applications from two types of candidates: researchers and creatives.   

For those interested in the research track, you should have a clear idea of how your interest aligns with our core areas of politics, economy, technology, and energy. For those interested in the creative track, you should have or want to develop skills in design, marketing and distribution, web development, or multimedia.

We look for candidates with diverse skills, including language proficiency, quantitative analysis, illustration and design, computer science, writing and communication, among others. Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese may be desirable for certain research roles, but not essential depending on other qualifications.

We accept internship applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, as well as for specific openings that tend to start in the summer.

Apply now.