About MacroPolo

MacroPolo is the in-house think tank of the Paulson Institute in Chicago. We decode China’s economic arrival with our incisive, market-relevant analysis and creative research products.

At MacroPolo, we are building a truly 21st century think tank. Instead of long research papers, we specialize in thoughtfully designed digital interactives as well as dynamic content and databases. Our multinational team of experts provides timely commentary, valuable insights, and best-in-class research to market participants, corporate leaders, and policymakers.    

Our work spans three core areas: economics, technology, and politics.

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If China’s economy sneezes, the world economy catches a cold. Anyone with a stake in the global economy, from commodity prices to capital flows, must understand China’s trajectory and how economic decisions are made in Beijing today.

Our economics work spans critical areas, from finance to labor migration. We focus on China’s shifting macroeconomic policies and complex domestic reforms, exploring changing priorities as the centrality of GDP growth wanes. 

MacroPolo’s current products include a thorough examination of China’s over-leveraged financial system, one of the most comprehensive timelines on economic reforms in the market, and data-driven interactives on China’s impact as a global investor.  

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China is now an innovator, not simply an imitator. It has pursued technological convergence with the US, EU, and Japan for forty years but is now in a race to win the future. 

Whether it succeeds will depend on a confluence of factors, including politics, financing, talent, and business environment. But China’s political leaders, CEOs, and engineers are as determined as Americans and Europeans to compete across all technological frontiers. 

Our technology work aims to sort fact from hype. We provide balanced and nuanced insight into China’s technological ambitions and the intensifying competition between the US and China. MacroPolo’s products in this area include rich interactives on artificial intelligence, case studies on Chinese tech companies, and deep dives into technology standards.

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In a one-party state, every policy challenge is a political problem. And while Xi Jinping looks set to helm the country for another decade, actually governing China requires more than the will of a single man. 

In the Xi era, politics is in virtually everything, so understanding Chinese politics is not just an intellectual exercise. Every business and NGO in China operates within these political dynamics and must understand how decisions can affect their business and interests. 

MacroPolo’s analysis aims to unwrap the complexities of Chinese politics, shedding light on elite and bureaucratic dynamics. Our products unpack Chinese politics in an accessible way, including a unique and evolving database on “must know” politicians and analysis on how the Chinese system really works. 

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