Your City Match: Guangzhou


people3 01 - Guangzhou  Population: 14.5 million

money 01 - Guangzhou  Average Wage: $13,877/year

smoke 01 - Guangzhou  Air Quality Index: 89 (moderate)

luggage 01 - Guangzhou  Migrant Percentage: 48.9%

The provincial capital of Guangdong and one of China’s three largest cities, Guangzhou has a relatively diversified economy and is a key city in the Pearl River Delta. The city’s major industries include steel, paper, textiles, and industrial equipment manufacturing. It was once known as the end of the maritime Silk Road; today, it serves as a major transportation and manufacturing hub, including one of the newest and largest airports in the country. Guangzhou also regularly hosts national trade fairs, among which the China Import and Export Fair is the largest.

Guangzhou is also one of the most developed and mature metropolitan areas in China. Its public transportation system includes an extensive subway with 13 lines and a Bus Rapid Transit system with over 30 routes. There are about 80,000 foreign nationals living in the city. Because of its relative diversity, the city has a vibrant social life, with nightlife revolving around the Haizhu Square area.

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