Your City Match: Guiyang


  Population: 4.8 million

  Average Wage: $11,021/year

  Air Quality Index: 55 (Moderate)

  Migrant Percentage: 36.8%

The provincial capital of Guizhou, Guiyang is the economic and commercial hub in southwest China. The local economy is largely built on retail and wholesale industries, though Guiyang’s recent incentive programs for computing and data centers have attracted major corporations, such as Foxconn, Microsoft, Huawei, and Alibaba, to invest in the city. The city also relies extensively on hydro power, which supplies over 70% of its electricity.

Guiyang’s cuisine stands out for its flavorful spicy dishes as well as desserts such as gaoba porridge. Visitors may want to visit the Jiaxiu Pavillion (Guiyang’s emblem and symbol), Qingyan Ancient Town, and the Confucian Center. For young migrants in the city, the night life scene is concentrated on Qianling East Road, where many bars and pubs are located.

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