Your City Match: Hangzhou


  Population: 9 million

  Average Wage: $13,618/year

  Air Quality Index: 119 (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups)

  Migrant Percentage: 35.3%

Hangzhou is the capital of, and most populous city in, Zhejiang province. Located at the terminus of the 1,115-miles long Hangzhou-Beijing Canal, Hangzhou is only 100 kilometers from Shanghai. While the local economy has traditionally focused on logistics and manufacturing, the city has recently made the transition to a high-tech economy. Foreign tech companies such as Motorola, Nokia, and Siemens have all established research facilities in the city. But perhaps Hanghzou’s biggest claim to fame is serving as the headquarters of Alibaba, one of the world’s largest Internet companies. In 2016, the city rose to even more prominence when it hosted China’s first G20 summit.

Hangzhou’s West Lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by pagodas and temples, attracting flocks of tourists each year. The city began building a subway system in recent years and currently has three lines in operation that cover 70 miles. Hangzhou cuisine is known for its rich seasoning and delicate presentation, with Dongpo Pork and West Lake Vinegar Fish being the most representative dishes. Compared to its big brother Shanghai, Hangzhou offers a more laid-back environment, though local residents now complain incessantly about the horrendous traffic as the booming tech industry has attracted an influx of new residents.

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