Your City Match: Harbin


  Population: 10.9 million

  Average Wage: $9,779/year

  Air Quality Index: 72 (Moderate)

  Migrant Percentage: 10.8%

The provincial capital of Heilongjiang, Harbin is considered China’s northeast economic hub. In fact, it’s the last major Chinese city before entering Russia. Harbin is a major producer of agricultural commodities because its so-called “black soil” is high in nutrients and therefore particularly fertile. As part of the northeast rustbelt, the city is also home to numerous state-owned enterprises, including the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group. In addition, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group is the second-largest drug maker in China.

Residents make the best of the frigid climate in Harbin, including hosting the annual ice sculpture festival that has drawn international attention. Winter sports are of course popular in Harbin—the city has easy access to exclusive ski resorts and has hosted multiple National Winter Games. Fusion cuisine with Russian influences is popular in Harbin, typified by deep-frying and rich sauces.

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