Your City Match: Nanjing


  Population: 8.3 million

  Average Wage: $14,048/year

  Air Quality Index: 109 (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups)

  Migrant Percentage: 34.1%

Now the provincial capital of Jiangsu, Nanjing was once the great capital of previous Chinese dynasties for centuries. Its location on the south bank of the Yangtze River has made it a transportation hub in eastern China. Today, it is known for its manufacturing industry, where Chinese companies such as Panda Electronics, Jincheng Motors, and Nanjing Steel are headquartered. Multinational companies, such as Fiat, Ericsson, and Sharp, have also set up research centers in the city. Nanjing also plays a significant role in US-China education exchange as it is home to Johns Hopkins SAIS’ renowned China center.

The rich cultural heritage of Nanjing can be seen in daily life in the city. Historical attractions include the Confucius Temple, Ming City Walls, the Nanjing Massacre Memorial, and Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, with nightlife generally centered around the Confucius Temple and the Qinhuai River area. As for Nanjing cuisine, the city is known for its salted Nanjing duck, soup dumplings, and pan-fried beef dumplings.

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