Your City Match: Shenyang


  Population: 8.3 million

  Average Wage: $10,538/year

  Air Quality Index: 82 (Moderate)

  Migrant Percentage: 13.7%

The provincial capital of Liaoning, Shenyang is considered an economic hub of the northeast rustbelt. Its geographic proximity to markets like South Korea and Japan means that those are also the city’s key export destinations. Shenyang has numerous legacy state firms across traditional industries such as defense, steel, and energy. But as the central government has sought to shutter or privatize many of the zombie state firms, Shenyang has tried to pivot to high-tech industries to revive its economy.

As one of China’s oldest cities, Shenyang in the 17th century served as the capital of the Qing dynasty. It has a basic two-line metro system that can be a quick and easy way to get around the city. Top attractions include Shenyang Imperial Palace and Beiling Park in downtown and Dongbeiya, one of the largest ski resorts in China. In terms of social life, street food and Er Ren Zhuan, a type of folk dance show that originated in northern China, remain very popular. The city also has a growing night life scene centered around Heping District.

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