Your City Match: Wenzhou


  Population: 9.2 million

  Average Wage: $10,617/year

  Air Quality Index: 85 (Moderate)

  Migrant Percentage: 36.8%

Wenzhou, a medium-sized city in Zhejiang province, is known for its pro-business attitude and a high concentration of entrepreneurs. When China first allowed private commerce in the 1980s, the city capitalized on the opportunity and developed a family and community-based financing system. Wenzhou has a well-earned reputation in China for risk-taking in business and as a manufacturer of various consumer goods, including lighters. During the 2008 financial crisis, however, the city took a hard hit but is finally on its way to recovery today.

The city is surrounded by mountains and thus isolated from many neighboring communities. This also makes the local dialect virtually impossible to make sense of for non-locals. Wenzhounese, however, are hardly parochial people. When it comes to business, the city’s residents are known to be intrepid in scouring opportunities around the world. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, Wenzhou is a good fit.

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