The Committee

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the locus of political power in China. It includes the rulers of today and the leaders of tomorrow. This product currently contains bilingual biographical data, as well as work histories and career overlaps, for all Committee members (there may be gaps in timelines as a result of unavailable information). You can also filter or search for members based on demographic criteria. MacroPolo’s analyses of Chinese politics can be found here. The Committee is a work in progress that will continue to be updated and have new features added over time. For more details, see the Overview.

The 19th Central Committee, selected in 2017 and likely to serve until 2022, initially had 203 full members and 172 alternate members (currently 371). Alternates attend committee meetings but cannot vote on its decisions. Within the Central Committee are 25 members who constitute its Politburo, whose 7-member Standing Committee contains China’s most powerful politicians, including the CCP General Secretary. Major personnel turnover occurs every five years at the CCP National Congress.

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