Yna Mataya headshot

Yna Mataya

UI/Graphic Designer, Think Tank

Yna Louise Mataya is a UI/Graphic Designer on the Think Tank at the Paulson institute. In this role, Yna works with the creative team to execute on a range of projects, including interactive products, illustrations, motion graphics, and social media content. She supports MacroPolo specific projects as well as those of the Paulson Institute as a whole.

Yna gained valuable experience through her previous positions and internships over the years. She interned as a Graphic Designer at Panorart and as a UI/UX Designer at Alex Crown, WeFitness, and YourMD. Yna graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and furthered her education by learning UI/UX Design Essentials from Columbia College of Chicago and studying Web Development at Northwestern University.