The Think Tank is the macroeconomics and political economy research and analysis arm of the Paulson Institute at the University of Chicago. With a small core staff, its work is divided into two broad sets of activities. One is MacroPolo, which offers insights from our own expert team. The other is our publications suite, through which the Think Tank commissions, hones, and publishes outstanding prescriptive and analytical work from leading scholars and practitioners.

Think Tank publications are branded into five distinctive series: Paulson Policy Memoranda are concise prescriptive essays, each dedicated to a single public policy challenge related to the Chinese economy. Investment Papers and Investment Case Studies offer prospective models or lessons-learned about Chinese FDI in the United States. Energy and Environment Papers dig deeply into issues of China’s fuel mix, regulation, or cross-border policies and markets. Standards Papers look at China as an emerging technology standard-setter and problems of cross-border harmonization.